Fearless Practitioner Certification Training

Helén Borchgrevink joined the Fearless Organization training: “I now have a tool that gives me and my clients unique insights in psychological safety” 

Psychological safety is crucial in developing creative and innovative workplaces. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your thoughts, ideas, or even mistakes, your contribution to the team will be limited. But how do we measure psychological safety? This question led leadership consultant Helén Borchgrevink to join the Fearless Organization Scan training.

Having worked as a leadership consultant for a long time, Helén had practiced psychological safety before with her clients but felt that the concept was too abstract to get real, measurable insights. When she heard about the tool The Fearless Organization Scan, she got curious and enrolled in the training.

– When I saw that there was a tool where you could gain insights and ideas from groups anonymously, I got really excited. I have always thought that psychological safety is very important in workplaces, but as a measurable concept, it has been a bit vague. Personally, I like to gain insights through a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods so that I can get the best possible analytical insights.

Why is it important to have a tool to measure psychological safety?

– In today’s organizations you need people who are innovative to be successful. This means that all coworkers should feel optimistic about change and excited to learn. Psychological safety builds the base for that kind of workplace culture. Safety can mean a lot of things – in this perspective it involves our perception of if we are able to be ourselves and speak our minds. 

How was your overall experience of the training? 

— It was excellent! I really enjoyed the whole concept. The program structure made a lot of sense to me. The tempo was enjoyable and included time for reflection and discussion. You obtain the major concepts you need to practice psychological safety. I’ve used it before in my work, but I still got new perspectives. The group was very nice as well, the people really wanted to learn and share their experiences, and we just had a good time learning together.

What was it like to do the training remotely?

— There were no issues at all. It was a very smooth experience. Our training instructor Johan was excellent at keeping the presentations at a good pace for everyone. I actually thought that the online breakout rooms for group discussions were more time efficient and easier to use than the usual real-life discussions. I also really enjoyed being able to learn with an international group, because I always like to get different cultural perspectives.

What did you think about the training instructor?

– You can tell that Johan knows what he is talking about. You quickly understand that he is not only doing this in theory, but he has a lot of practical experience, which is important to me.

How has the training been useful to you in your business? 

– I now have an extra tool for my consultancy business that measures psychological safety. I am able to create even better workshops for companies who want to evaluate the psychological safety in their teams in order to develop better leadership.

Add Insight are currently offering the Fearless Practitioner Certification Training both virtually and in Stockholm, Sweden. Here you can read more about Cohort 8, a virtual training that starts March 17. We also offer Cohort 9, which starts May 4-5 in Stockholm.