Session with Add Insight: Teamroles 4 dec

Success in teams is so much easier when we know each others strengths.

But do you know what strengths you are looking for? And how do you manage the allowed weaknesses?

During this session you will gain insight into Belbin Teamroles, Dr Meredith Belbin’s research at Henley Management College, Great Britain. Belbin describes a teamrole as ”Our way of relating, contributing and cooperating with others”. He showed that there are nine teamroles, or ways of contributing to a team. All nine are needed in order to succeed. Each individual can take on between two and four teamroles, and no teamrole is better or worse – all are needed.

During the session you will learn from research-based knowledge, years of experience and . There will of course be room for reflection together with others. We will network in smaller groups.

Free of charge!

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